Finished Right

Real Stories from Empress Customers

The right team for the job

Our home was built in 1912, and had accumulated about 15 layers of paint over the past hundred years. A friend of our family is an architect, and he recommended Empress Painting. We’d heard about Empress’ reputation from other people, so we called Chris for an estimate. The quote was in line with what we’d seen from a few other local companies, so based on our experience with Chris and the team, we chose Empress Painting to remove and replace the many layers of paint that hid the true beauty of our character home.

Chris and the painting crew were really great. They always made time to say hello to our young children, and kept the jobsite tidy and safe. If there was anything we needed for the project, or wanted more information about, Chris was easy to reach and quick to respond.

One of the things we really appreciated about the Empress team was that they were very accommodating about changes. Sometimes a color might look really good on a sample card, but when you see it on a bigger scale, it doesn’t translate quite as well. The paint crew was able to make the changes we requested, and now that the project is finished, we’re thrilled with the new look of our old home.

Amber Allan, Victoria